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About us

Bestcolors Systems Ltd is an agency, distributor and trading company of tinting systems with more than 25 years of experience both in trade and manufacturing of tinting systems.

Bestcolors Systems Ltd is a customer centric company, focusing on service to offer the most complete and suitable Tinting System package for various markets and applications.

The Tinting System package of BCO Systems are designed to fully satisfy our customer's requirements concerning the cost and the performance of his paints. We are committed to create lasting relationships with our customers, and guarantee that our customers can count on us for honest pricing and quality materials with zero hassles.


Our Products

Bestcolors Limited Ltd provides a complete package for tinting systems including the colorants, software, and color-cards. 

We offer innovative customized Tinting Concepts which allow our customers to enhance their brand identity and gain a differentiation advantage against their competitors.


Water and solvent based colorants for architectural, industrial and In Plant applications

  • Minimum impact on paint properties

  • Excellent compatibility to various paint technologies

  • Optimized for manual and dispensing equipment

  • Excellent resistance to weather, chemicals and heat

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3-dimensional software support 

BCOmix Pro: the latest and highly customizable tinting software which ensures perfect performance during the POS tinting process

BCOmix View: a color designing marketing tool, which allows you yo apply colors to a photo of a house or room and experiment different combinations

BCOmix Cloud: a powerful platform tool that provides online communication and control to all the tinting machines simultaneously as well as market intelligence information by collecting and analyzing data

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2 series of fandecks

  1. BCOmix fandeck series that can be slighlty modified and branded

  2. Customized series that can be developed according to our proposals and customer needs

The color spectrum is covered at its entirety with over 4,000 shades organized aroung six different concepts to help you present extensive and cost competitive color collections for architectural applications.

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Our Services

Color Matching

Database Creation

Tinting Machine Installation

Customized Tinting Solutions


Contact us

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42-44 Griva Digeni

Nicosia 1096


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